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Edward Evdokimov

St. Louis City - Charlotte

This is not the first ownership group to try to bring MLS to St. Louis, but due to Kindle's business background and unique local ties as president of Enterprise Holdings Foundation, she was able to put together a successful bid to bring a franchise to the city. That uniqueness will also translate into the matchday experience, which will debut when the side faces Charlotte FC in their home opener on Saturday, with Kindle hiring the league's first chief experience officer.

St. Louis City - Charlotte

To develop safer communities, the city will implement the SAFE Charlotte initiative which includes violence interruption, hospital-based violence intervention and $1 million in grants to local organizations. The initiative also includes pathways to employment and affordable housing. Violence interruption is an evidence-based program that utilizes a public-health approach to address violent crime. In partnership with Cure Violence Global, and Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), the city and Mecklenburg County will launch Alternatives to Violence (ATV) in the Beatties Ford area.

For more information about the Corridors of Opportunity or the Alternatives to Violence program, contact Cherie Smith at The city and partner agencies will host a virtual ATV Summit on June 10 as part of the program launch. Interested residents should register online to attend the summit.

In 2008, Edwardsville attorney Jeff Cooper tried to land a franchise. His group, st. louis Soccer United, had money in place and a tentative stadium site in the Eastport area of Collinsville secured. But the bid was turned down infavor of Seattle and Philadelphia in back-to-back years.

Heading into Week 1, it was hard to contextualize how an expansion team with five players up the spine who are new to the league would look and where they would land. Most projections had them near the bottom of the table. But watching them in Week 1, the functionality of the team seems more important than the parts (admittedly, the club has said this over and over during their roster build). They don't plan to use the same framework as everyone else. They want a separate rubric. They plan to lean into unity, organization, work rate, and energy as a competitive advantage. Given they've only played one game and they have a core of players new to the league, it's probably a fool's errand to predict their level. Instead, it's easier to ask if their principles sets the necessary floor. Specific to this game... do the principles of simplicity, hard work, and energy make you a top-20 team? 041b061a72


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