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Easton Bell
Easton Bell

Para Selena, Con Amor To Selena, With Love

In the year 1988, Selena met Chris Pérez, who had his own Rock band. In two years, the Quintanilla family hired him to perform in Selena's band. Chris and Selena quickly fell in love. Her father did not like their relationship and fired Chris from the band. He then accepted the relationship. On April 2, 1992, Selena and Chris were married in Nueces County, Texas. In the year 1989, José Behar, who was the head of Sony Music Latin, signed Selena with Capitol/EMI. He later said that he signed Selena because he had thought she was the next Gloria Estefan. Selena became Coca-Cola's spokesman in Texas during the same year.

Para Selena, Con Amor To Selena, with Love


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