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Smartphone Add-on V2.2!

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, smartphones today are capable of taking impressive photographs. However, there are still limitations on what a phone can do. The right cell phone accessories can change that. Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, add-on lenses can take your photos to the next level.

Smartphone Add-on V2.2!

Certain manufacturers specialize in iPhone lenses, while others make universal kits. The benefit of universal add-on lenses is their clip-on design, which is functional and easy to use. Please note, some clip-on lenses may partially block the display or interfere with the flash. Brand-specific lenses often require a secondary case or cover for your phone, to which the lenses attach.

You can purchase phone lenses and filters individually or in a set, and some come with filters as well. If you're a versatile shooter, a complete kit is ideal. In addition to being compact and easy to carry, smartphone attachment cases and kits ensure that all accessories are compatible. Lenses and filters aren't limited to phones. If you find it easier to take photos with a larger screen, there are tablet attachment cases and kits as well. Keep in mind that zoom lenses tend to be sensitive to movement, so for lenses with high optical zoom, look into mobile grips and support accessories, such as tripods or gimbals.

If you like to take pictures with your smartphone, check out B&H Photo and Video's large selection of mobile lenses, filters, and other accessories and transform your phone into a mobile photo studio.

You can opt-out of having your site activity available to Google Analytics by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. The add-on prevents the Google Analytics JavaScript (gtag.js, analytics.js) that is running on websites from sharing information with Google Analytics about visit activity.

Using the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on will not prevent site owners from using other tools to measure site analytics. It does not prevent data from being sent to the website itself or in other ways to web analytics services.

TUF Gaming AX3000 V2 is designed to give you stable and fast wireless and wired connections in device-dense environments. It's a router that benefits all your devices, from laptops, smartphones, and game consoles right down to all the IoT devices in your home.

WiFi 6 provides faster wireless speeds with OFDMA, BSS coloring and MU-MIMO technologies, and it also boosts network efficiency, so all your devices get their fair share of WiFi bandwidth. It's perfect for busy networks with lots of different WiFi devices, such as laptops, smartphones and smart home devices.

Internally, our team is working hard to develop more add-ons and integrations so that you can get the most out of your WordPress LMS. We are also building out new core features per your requests on the support site as well. As always, thank you so much for your feedback!

Making its debut on the Palisade and IONIQ 6, Hyundai Digital Key 2 is the latest advance in vehicle & smartphone integration, and can be expected as a feature on future newly introduced or redesigned Hyundai models.

a. iPhone: The NFC Antenna is located on the top edge of the iPhone. b. Samsung: The NFC Antenna is located on the center back of the device. c. Note: NFC Antenna position may vary depending on phone model. Please check with your smartphone manufacturer for the exact location.

We wanted the PinePhone Pro to reflect its status as a pro-grade device while maintaining perfect compatibility with all existing PinePhone peripherals. The PinePhone Pro uses the same pogo-pin systems and back cover attachment as the original PinePhone, making it compatible with all existing add-ons. The keyboard, PineDio LoRa, fingerprint reader and wireless charging cases will all work with the PinePhone Pro.

If you depend on proprietary mainstream mobile messenger applications, banking applications, use loyalty or travel apps, consume DRM media, or play mobile video games on your fruit or Android smartphone, then the PinePhone Pro is likely not for you.

Kodi is a really versatile application, if you consider the fact there's versions for almost every operating system out there, such as XBMC/Kodi for Windows, and more recently, Kodi for Android. However, this versatility can turn into a nightmare when the primary means of controlling your Kodi setup is not a remote with directional arrows or a wireless HTPC keyboard, but instead, a touchscreen. The default Kodi skin, and most of the best Kodi skins out there, are designed to be used with a remote, or even a keyboard and mouse, if you install it on your desktop computer -for some reason- but, what happens if you need a Kodi touchscreen skin for your tablet or even your smartphone? Are you forced to buy a device with a remote controller or even a gamepad to browse your media comfortably? [Read: NVIDIA SHIELD TV: An amazing option for your media center]

Well this is most certainly not the case, since Kodi has an awesome and active developing community designing lots of addons for it. These addons include skins that could only be labeled as Kodi skins for tablets and smartphones, since their primary use is with touchscreens, and they seem to be really good at offering you enhanced comfort when browsing your media with Kodi on your favorite touchscreen device. Want to know what are these skins that will boost your Kodi experience on your latest mobile device? Read on to find out.

This is another of the Kodi skins for tablets you can find within the official Kodi plugin repo. Eminence skin for XBMC is one of the best Kodi skins for tablets, for people who appreciate simplicity and speed. A minimalistic black and grey menu greets you when you start Kodi using this skin, with more options than those found on other addons of the same kind, such as a dedicated YouTube icon and a button for all your addons. When browsing media content, you get a list menu, and there's no possibility to readily change it on the go as with other addons; in this case, this adds to the simplicity of the Kodi Eminence skin, making it one of the top kodi skins for tablets and smartphones. [Read: Guide: How to install YouTube Kodi addon]

Not only does this skin come in the official Kodi plugin repository, but it also comes pre-installed when you run Kodi for the first time, what makes it stand out in most Kodi skin reviews. Whenever the topic "Kodi skins for tablets and smartphones" comes up, re-Touched skin for XBMC/Kodi pops up as a great option. It is specially designed for touchscreen devices, and you can test it yourself if you take a look at details such as the battery indicator on its top-right corner, or the fact that all buttons seem to be precisely sized to be tapped. Not so much regarding visualizations, but there's a very interesting one that displays content thumbnails and detailed info about the content right alongside it.

The add-on provides flexible settings for handling hiding and showing the "More" control element.This is necessary to improve the adaptability of the content on the page and save customer focus points on the screen.

After your order has been processed by our manager, it will be transferred to Completed state, you will receive an email to your mailbox with ordered add-ons license numbers (usually it takes from 15 minutes to 8 hours depending on the day time and week day).

  • 1. Hide description of SEO pages for filters up to a certain heightRelevant for add-ons:Hide the part of the content to needed height

  • SEO pages for filters

As any SEO page for filters may have its own description, integration with the add-on Hide the part of the content to needed height allows to hide such description up to a certain height.

AB: Add-ons Manager will notify you about available updates (you will see an indicator of new alerts). The recommended way is to update via the CS-Cart Upgrade center (a regular procedure of the platform). This method will allow lossless configuration of the transition to the new add-on version, that is guaranteed to be compatible with your CS-Cart platform version.

If you have an earlier version of the add-on (without the Upgrade center support)For earlier archives of the add-ons, the update is performed by reinstalling (remove the add-on and reinstall it). In this case, you need to choose the version of add-on, that is compatible with your version of the CS-Cart installation.

Attention!If you use the "AB: Multiple category descriptions" addon, then you should upgrade the addon to version v3.1.1.If you use the "AB: SEO pages for filters" addon, then you should upgrade the addon to version v7.1.3.Before upgrade of the "AB: Hide the part of the content to needed height" addon to release v2.2.0 make sure you have access to the versions of the addons that were mentioned above!

The following Profile Policy document details the underlying principles of the profile and add-on concept. It explains how and why a new profile or add-on can be proposed, a step-by-step description for the creation, modification and deprecation process, as well as rules to ensure the profile and add-on concept stays consistent over time. ONVIF Profile Policy v3.0 (July 2021) 041b061a72


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