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Easton Bell

Dozens Of Japanese Girls Play With Their Pussie...

Forget about all you know about soccer. Yes, this game is beautiful, but Japanese make it better. Asian chicks play a game wearing only shoes and football socks. It is amazing to see how naked chicks are running around the field with their asses and titties bouncing trying to score a goal. After that game the loser team has to be punished Japanese way. They go inside a sports hall where losing chicks gets their sweaty pussy toyed with Hitachi magic wands by the girls from the winning team.

Dozens of Japanese girls play with their pussie...

Plenty of naked Japanese girls with hairy pussies demonstrate their bodies outdoors and make a group photo. Then they all get inside and sit down on the floor in a big room. There are a lot of horny Asian dudes as well, but they can only watch at this young and sexy girls. At first girls are asked to fondle their nipples. When each one of the girls got horny, they were told to lay down on their backs and finger their pussies until they cum.

Each one of these Japanese girls used to be exemplary housewife and girlfriends, but one day they gone really really bad. They gathered together with some nasty guys and had a wild orgy. They've never had anything more pleasurable before. Guys were fucking their wet and hairy pussies like beasts and other people were fucking all over the place. The scent of sex was in the air and it made the girls lost their minds. They were giving a rimjob to guys and taking creampies willingly. It was so damn good, that girls wanted it to continue forever.

A big group of Japanese had a barbecue party in a backyard. They were drinking beer, eating some delicious food and talking. To make more fun, they started to play some sex games. All five girls sat down on chairs and got their tits fondled and squeezes by five dudes at the same time. Girls really liked that, so they were laughing and asking for more games. Gradually it led to something more than just games. Girls lifted their dresses up and took off panties, so that guys could finger their hairy pussies.

Dressed and naked Japanese girls play soccer in here. Rules are totally fucked up. Every foul leads to toy fucking session. One cute Asian chick gets punished for foul right on the field. Judges undress her and lifts her from the ground on their hands. Her legs are wide open, so the third judge has a great access to her tight and hairy pussy. Her bushy cunt grools as judge fucks her with dildo until Japanese sweetie reaches orgasm. 041b061a72


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