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We will accept return for a refund or exchange on products in NEW/ unopened condition with the UNOPENED original package within 30 days of delivery. All returns without an exchange are subject to 20% restocking fee without exception. Customer would be responsible for return shipping unless reason for return was our mistake which we will send you the pre-paid shipping label for. Your original shipping cost will be deducted from the refundable amount if you used promotional free shipping code. All refunds must be issued back to the original payment method. We will NOT be able to process your return if your RMA number is not included with your product. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to process the return upon receipt.


Product may be exchanged if they are in NEW/ unopened condition with the UNOPENED original package within 30 days of delivery. Customer is responsible for shipping cost to and from our warehouse unless exchange is required by our mistake which we will cover all the shipping costs. You will not be able to re-use any promotional free shipping code if you have already used them on your original purchase.

kernel. Frames with sizes near the MTU of an interface may be split acrossmultiple hardware receive descriptors. Receipt of such a frame could leakthrough a validation check, leading to a corruption of the length check. Aremote attacker could use this flaw to send a specially-crafted packet thatwould cause a denial of service or code execution. (CVE-2009-1385,Important)

I received a letter from Lucy a short time since & take the first opportunity of sending you an answer, to inform you that I am not dead but alive & well, able for duty & my rations, Nothing of any importance has occurred here since I wrote you last - we are still in camp here drilling & guarding the sick & wounded from any attack by the Rebels, as soon as they are removed we will probably go farther down into the land of Dixie - While Ben Odor was alive I was contented & happy, since he died I have not liked the condition of affairs in our company, but I hope we will have things in a better condition shortly - I am still contented with the service & want to see the thing through Some of the boys have been up about the colonels office & say a dispatch has just come in for us to march to morrow morning at six oclock whether it is true or not I do not know nor do I care - When I came into the service I weighed but one hundred & sixty nine pounds. I was up at the Quarter Master's to day & was weighed & I weighed one hundred and seventy seven pounds having gained 8 pounds since I came into the Army - the report that we have to march to morrow is true - we have orders to march at three oclock to morrow morning & I have just been around to the different Messes telling the cooks to prepare three days rations & have the men pack them in their haversacks & as it is now about seven oclock P.M. I will have to close for I have a great deal to do tonight - the Lieut. is going down town to see old Glover our 2nd Lieut who is down at the hospital & I have charge of things - When those men come for Ben send me some things - two undershirts & one pair of gloves & the boots if Bob Moore has them done but I will write as soon as we stop again & let you know where we are - No more at present Write Soon

Lucys letter of the 29th November was recd yesterday & I hasten to answer - who has been telling that nothing can be expressed to us? I wish some people would attend to their own business! When I send for anything I want it - Did you get the letter I sent to Bob Moore? Send those boots shirts & things right off as soon as you receive this, if you have not already sent them - send me two pounds of good smoking tobacco - Jack Moore and Joseph Moore want Bob to send their things so you can put them all in one box & send together pay the charges there and it will come all right. Direct to Linus A Patrick Company K 12lst Regiment 0.V.I 34th Brigade Lebanon Ky via Louisville to be forwarded to Regiment & we will get it for our teams have to go to Lebanon every few day & they bring all packages for the Regt - If you have the money to spare you may send it to me by letter - Direct your letter to Colombia Kentucky via Louisville to follow Regt We have gone into winter quarters here & will stay here all winter if nothing happens - write soon & send the box immediately, but I hope the box has started ere this

This study was conducted to observe the effects of gas composition in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on the shelf-life of Longissimus dorsi of Korean Native Black Pigs-Duroc Crossbred (KNPD) during refrigerated storage. Muscle sample was obtained from the left side of carcass of seven months old of KNPD barrow. The sample was sliced into 1 cm in thickness, placed on trays (two slices/tray) and filled with different gas composition, i.e. 0:20:80/O2:CO2:N2 (MAP1), 30:20:50/O2:CO2:N2 (MAP2) and 70:20:10/O2:CO2:N2 (MAP3). Other slices of sample were vacuum packed (VP) as a control. All packs were stored at 51C. At 12 d of storage, pH value of MAP2 and MAP3 were higher (p 041b061a72


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