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Edward Evdokimov
Edward Evdokimov

Best Buy Geek Squad Baxter Mn

WHAT A JOKE!! After spending what felt like forever, to purchase some Bose headphones. Someone finally rang me out. After getting home, i realized they didnt offer me a replacement plan on my headphones. When i spend any large amounts on anything i always purchase it. After talking to the chat, geek squad and being hung up on numerous times, im still waiting to purchase my replacement plan. My times about up to purchase it, if i cannot buy the plan i am going to be forced to return the headphones and get them else where.

best buy geek squad baxter mn

I brought my laptop to geek squad to fix my burner and they made it worse I paid 200 dollars for a headache and lack of knowledge two trips to the store nobody at the store seems to know what they are doing , I did manage to get a 100 dollar gift card refund ,what I would like and is less than fair is a complete refund I never had any idea that this is the type of business that best buy do I would like to hear from your home office if possible I have already heard from the store my work order # 151072525

I was in your Johnstown PA store yesterday for a billing priblem that was taken care of quite nicely by one of your service managers. In the meantime, I have been having a problem with the phone I purchased there. The manager had a person from geek squad to help me. What a disapointment! He basically did nothing but tell me my phone is broken! When I got home, I figured out how to fix it MYSELF! I have to say that before this, your customer service was excellent, but with this guy, I was VERY disappointed!

I purchased a protection plan for my microwave oven which stopped working. after the geek squad sent a technician out he determined that only some parts were available and probably could not be repaired. After several phone calls it was stated that the cost to repair $600.00 and they would get approval for an exchange. I went in and picked a new one and stated that I had just donated the old one to a local charity. I also had to pay a difference for the cost of new one. The delivery was refused since they did want the old one which is not here.

I received poor service from the manager as I had spent 4@1/2 hours with the geek squad 4 trips to the store. The manager stated she would not supply a interface cable between the printer and laptop and I could return all items purchased that day. She also stated I could do what I had too and would not even split the cost of the cable.

Several weeks ago I brought my Lenova laptop to the geek squad for repair. I had tapped the upper left corner of the screen and cracked it. One week later I get a call from the repair department and they tell me it will cost over $800 to fix my laptop. They told me a long list of items that needed to be replaced. This did not sound right. When I got the laptop back, I found that someone from Best Buy or whom ever you use to ship dropped the laptop on the bottom right side and destroyed the computer. I have been trying to reach the store manager in Flagstaff. This person will neither answer the phone nor call me back to discuss what can be done. Very poor customer service! I need someone to call me and discuss this.

took a survey on the 5th or 6th and after double checking when I purchased the computer I was off on the date of purchase it 10-10-17 and it did take almost a month to get my computer set up and now I was told by the geek squad agent to return the computer back to the store for a new one and as far as Anthony goes he was a lot of help and spent a lot of time helping me out. still not happy with the service I received at the store. guess I have to see what happens today when I bring the computer back 041b061a72


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