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[S5E19] Zoo Or False

When the gang discovers Marshall doesn't have any money to pay for the pizza they had ordered, he is forced to reveal that he was mugged by a man (Jon Dore) with a gun in Central Park. Lily is worried, and aided by Robin's gun-loving nature, expresses her interest to buy a gun for protecting herself. Marshall is frightened by this prospect, and then reveals he wasn't mugged; instead, he had visited the Central Park Zoo, and while standing close to a monkey cage, a monkey had swiped his wallet. Robin asks to interview him for her show, and he agrees to help boost her show's ratings. Marshall then privately explains to Barney and Ted that the monkey story is false, and that he really was mugged; he had made up the monkey to calm down Lily and stop her from buying a gun. Furthermore, he refuses to lie on television and risk hurting Robin's credibility as a journalist.

[S5E19] Zoo or False


  • Consummate Liar: Barney. Future!Ted even discussed it at the opening.

  • Does Not Like Guns: Despite what happened, Marshall doesn't want Lily to get a gun.

  • Exact Words: In the episode's opening, Barney makes it sound like he's visited a couple of places he hasn't while hitting on a girl, without actually saying that he's been to them. Of course, this being Barney, he follows this up with Blatant Lies.Barney: I like to travel myself.Girl: Really? What's the best place you've visited?Barney: Hawaii's nice. A buddy of mine lives in Seattle, that's a good spot. But the best place, I'd have to say the moon. Hi, [holds out hand] Neil Armstrong.

  • Hypocritical Humor: Ted spends the entire episode criticizing Barney for lying about his stories to make them seem better. However, it's heavily implied at the end of the episode that he made up Bobo the monkey's "King Kong" Climb for this precise reason.

  • Immediate Self-Contradiction: Marshall claims he was and was not "mugged" by a monkey in Central Park Zoo. He was mugged by a person and said it was a monkey to stop Lily from being a gun enthusiast, then feels guilty when said monkey is being deported and separated from its lover as punishment for the "mugging".Lily: You weren't mugged by a monkey?Marshall: Yes I was!Robin: So you were mugged by a monkey?Marshall: No I wasn't!

  • "King Kong" Climb: The very last scene.

  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: While he is hitting on a girl, one of Barney's past conquests calls to "Neil," since he told her he was Neil Armstrong, the astronaut. The new girl asks, "The cyclist?"

  • Mind Screw: On what really happened the night of Marshall's mugging. Also, what happened during Ted's interview with Robin?

  • Morton's Fork: Marshall admitting that he was mugged by a monkey would cause the monkey to be separated from its mate, while admitting that he was mugged by a human would cause Lily to buy a gun. Fortunately, he manages to Take a Third Option.

  • Pun-Based Title: Was Marshall really mugged by a monkey? True or false?

  • Reckless Gun Usage: When Marshall was telling the gang that he got mugged, Robin tells him, "Maybe this will help you," and pulls a large gun out of her purse with her finger close to the barrel earning horrified reactions from her friends. Ted tells her to put it away and Robin assures them that the safety is on, but looks at the gun and THEN puts the safety on.

  • Riddle for the Ages: How did Marshall lose his wallet? The two stories presented by Marshall are equally plausible given his character, and he has valid reasons for making up either story. The episode leaves it intentionally ambiguous, with a message about how sometimes you have to choose which version of the truth you prefer.

  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Not wanting to get the monkey who is the suspect of his mugging separated from his mate and Lily getting a gun, Marshall just walked out on Robin's show.

  • Shout-Out: The episode nods some famous movies. Ted is shown reenacting Sleepless in Seattle with dolls and his model of the Empire State Building, with the implication he'd reenacted other scenes earlier.

  • The very last scene is a nod to King Kong (1933), complete with a "King Kong" Climb.

  • Take a Third Option: While on Robin's show, Marshall has a choice between telling the truth about whether he was mugged by a monkey (which would result in the monkey being separate from its mate) or a person (which would result in Lily buying a gun), neither of which he wants to happen. He solves this by refusing to reveal what happened and simply walking away.

  • Totem Pole Trench: Lampshaded by Barney when Marshall claims he lied about being mugged by a monkey to stop Lily from buying a gun.Barney: Are you sure it wasn't one monkey standing on top of another monkey's shoulder wearing a man's trench coat?

  • Unreliable Narrator: The episode's ending is strongly implied to have been embellished by Future!Ted. Also, Marshall is this In-Universe throughout the episode.

  • The Unreveal: Whether or not Marshall was mugged by a monkey or an actual criminal is never revealed. A specific example from near the end of the episode, where it seems it's about to be revealed: Marshall: The truth is...I'm going back to bed.

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If they really wanted to do something for her niece then take her to Universal, Knott's, LA Zoo, Aquarium of the Pacific, Sea World, SD Zoo, Legoland, the beach etc etc Because if it's something THEY can do then it's not worth doing. For more information, please visit 615 following. More Couples Creator Groups. A local Marks & Spencer colleague is behind a new campaign to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer across the UK. 528 posts. Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive at Breast Cancer Now, said: "Were delighted to be building on our partnership with M&S by raising vital awareness of breast cancer signs and symptoms with people in M&S changing rooms across the country. Spencer and Katie of Best Life & Beyond share their Disney Park adventures on Instagram and YouTube. Welcome new and old to the wonderful world of BLAB gossip.round #83 Lalo Salamanca Thread Feb 17, 2023 Replies: 578 Forum: Influencers READ MORE: East Belfast mum's constant agony after life changing breast cancer ordeal. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. Spencer and Arthur fight, and then Arthur challenges Spencer to a duel, which ends in Arthur being thrown overboard. [Spoiler alert! This month, M&S is rolling out signage to more than 1,500 fitting rooms with guidance on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. well she ended up cheating on her husband with spencer and blamed it on her drinking (she claims During one video she openly mocks a handicapped woman riding a scooter and during another vlog she attacks an African American family especially the children while on the Mark Twain after cutting the family off. The scheme encourages colleagues to share ideas and views with the CEO of M&S, Stuart Machin, directly via Microsoft Teams. 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"By arming millions of people across the UK with this health information, well help ensure more people who have breast cancer get diagnosed sooner, so they have a better chance of treatment being successful. Speaking about the initiative, Co Antrim woman Katie Woodside said she made the suggestion after two of her colleagues were diagnosed wit


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