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Edward Evdokimov
Edward Evdokimov

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I was diagnosed with FTD in June and have been having trouble at times with my husband. I now have my 2 yr old grandson staying full time with us. My husband is still in denial about FTD. He has given away a lot of his clothes and jewellery and has a box of personal things that dont have a name. He seems to forget things he usually remembers and then says he is forgetting. I dont know when my family got so unhappy with him. I really feel my life is slipping away. I have been able to keep up the home and clothes and make a very small income. Now they are with his family and live in New Zealand. I feel like I am a drain on my son. I would like to have my grandsons and myself live with my son and daughter-in-law, but I have found this difficult. My husband is very unhappy, rarely goes out and spends his time sitting and watching television. He wont go out even on a holiday or day trip because he doesnt want to be seen. My daughter-in-law called and she told me that she feels is she has lost her husband because I want to keep a running home. That is impossible as my husband has no communication with anyone. My husband is a very good craftsman and wants to keep his name. But he doesnt look after his health so it gets all my spare time. I want to make sure he is looked after and I am not at all sure how to do it. I have discussed it with my daughter and she doesnt seem to know what to do. The situation is getting worse. My husband has written to his son in NZ asking for money and offered to pay for him to fly there. He also wants me to pay and not to tell his son that he wants a handout. If I dont pay I dont get anything. My son told me he is not paying and, although he sounds sorry for me, he doesnt intend to help in any way. I am too frightened to tell him I have FTD and am frightened I am losing my husband or my memory will start to fail and I will need 24 hr care and I dont know anyone that could help me. I need advice.

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